Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Bought Virgin America Again

I was premature in selling Virgin America (Ticker: VA) yesterday. After I sold news filtered out that there was a settlement in place with Alaska Air (Ticker: ALK) and the DOJ. Alaska Air is now working to resolve the Alioto ambulance chaser lawsuit. This merger arb play still presents a very nice risk reward opportunity. I re-entered my position this morning at an average price of $55.91. I’m still modeling a close by the end of November.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Sold Virgin America

It’s been challenging to say the least in the special situations / merger arb space. I decided to take off my position in Virgin America (Ticker: VA today generating a net gain of 2.54% (~45% annualized). I figure it’s time to de-risk and protect my gains for the year. I went in very aggressive in Virgin America as this made up ~ 60% of my portfolio. So any hiccups with this merger and I would essentially be vaporized. It’s time to take a step back and look for some better risk / reward opportunities.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

October 2016 Results

October was a very challenging month as Tronc (Ticker: TRNC, one of my special situation plays blew up. Gannett (Ticker: GCI walked away from a deal to acquire Tronc as the banks pulled their financing. This contributed to the majority of my loss in October. You try your best to avoid these blow ups, but they a bound to happen in the special situation / merger arb game. You simply have to not dwell on it too much and move on.

My current largest merger arb play is Virgin America (Ticker: VA and I am anticipating that the DOJ will hopefully approve this merger with Alaska Air (Ticker: ALK this month. I also have a small position in NXP Semiconductors (Ticker: NXPI, which has agreed to be acquired by Qualcomm (Ticker: QCOM for $110 in cash. That’s it for my current merger arb plays. I’m still keeping a close eye on LinkedIn (Ticker: LNKD and may initiate a position soon.    

Hopefully, I’ll redeem myself from the minor setback in October…

2016 Performance Year to Date = +18% with the running monthly returns as follows:

January -5.47%
February -3.50%
March +7.51%
April +0.84%
May +6.34%
June -2.6%
July +12.2%
August +6.57%
September +1.94%
October -5.49%