Monday, July 03, 2023

June 2023 Performance

This market continues to amaze me with this wall of worry rally. There is so much bearishness sentiment out there, but the market is discounting a lot of this news. We’ll eventually have that recession, but I can see the market rallying off the recession news. Right now, I’m cautious and maintaining a good cash position for opportunities that may arise. June was a strong month with a ~ 7% gain thanks to Apple. I have to admit that Apple’s Vision Pro demo was really impressive. I’ve been skeptical with all these VR headsets out there, but Apple is different and did a great job demonstrating use cases.

The portfolio remained status quo with no changes other than some small incremental cash from selling options. I’ve cut back a lot on selling options as I see risk in a market sell off. I’ll rather park the cash yielding ~4.75% and be able to sleep at night. When I have option positions, I always worry about that black swan event and sometimes have to sweat it out until expiration.
That's all I have...

2023 Performance = +25.08% with the running monthly returns as follows:

January +8.04%
February -1.60%
March +6.31%
April +2.39%
May +1.02%
June +7.00%