Monday, April 04, 2022

March 2022 Performance

March turned out decent for a change. I can once again thank Apple for pulling the portfolio through. Never in my wildest dreams that Apple could approach a market cap of ~ $3 trillion, but here we are. There were so many times I thought about selling but decided to just hang on tight. Apple has morphed into my largest position.

I continued to sell put options to generate some income. I’ve become much less aggressive as the market continues higher. The premiums are really nice during a correction so that’s a good time to put on aggressive positions. With the market back in rally mode, it’s better to play it safe.

Constellation Brands reports this week, so I’ll be looking for any hints about a merger with Monster Beverage. In terms of earnings, I think I’ll be so so… with cautionary chatter about inflationary pressures with raw materials, labor, transportation, etc.…

This market is really holding up well in face of high oil prices, war, inflation, higher interest rates, etc.… Just have to think of how much worst can it get? After all the market is a discounting machine so maybe a rally is in order?


2022 Performance = -2.07% with the running monthly returns as follows:

January -0.68%

February -6.00%

March +4.89%