Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back in Gardner Denver, Inc.

I’m back in Gardner Denver, Inc. (Ticker: GDI) today at ~ $69.00. Bloomberg has reported that several private equity firms: KKR & Co., Advent International and Onex Corp. + TPG Capital are interested in the company. I was waiting for this type of chatter before getting back into this company. It looks like there is a high probability of a deal considering what the company has gone through. It looks like the mid 70’s is the magic number to get a done deal. As I always say, we’ll see…

Edit: I sold my position at $69.10 for a tiny profit this morning (01/11/13) to reduce my risk profile a bit. I still have a good position in Nexen, Inc. (Ticker: NXY) and really need that one to close before I take on new positions.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Sold Workday, Inc.

I decided to do some trimming to my portfolio today as we enter the New Year with a nice little rally. I took my profits in Workday, Inc. (Ticker: WDAY) at $56.14 generating a net gain on 100.5% over a 4 month period. I received a few shares at the IPO price of $28. This is a great company, but the valuation is a bit stretched and is priced for absolute perfection.