Friday, January 07, 2011

Bought Integral Systems, Inc

Here we go again, another defense contractor, Integral Systems, Inc. (Ticker: ISYS), has put itself up for sale. I like this special situations / risk arb play and picked up some shares at an average price of $11.13. There is a thin float and I accidentally entered my first order as a market order and paid up for some expensive shares. I subsequently added to my position using limit orders. I’ve had good luck with these defense companies. Will it continue? We shall see…


I took my profits in Integral Systems, Inc. today at $11.40 generating a 2.47% gain. This one is on my watch list and will likely get back in at a decent price. A nice little gain to start the New Year…


At April 16, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

MT, On 04-01-11 I believe you sent me a post via yahoo message board asking me if I was playing ISYS. At that time, yes I was. Like yourself I have been trading around it. Since then I have become concerned about the price action and lower daily share volumes so I currently hold no position. I am watching though.



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