Monday, December 20, 2010

Sold Applied Signal Technology

I sold my position in Applied Signal Technology (Ticker: APSG) this morning at $37.78 per share generating a net gain of 7.39% over a 2 week period (190% annualized). I like to look at annualized returns when I’m dealing with risk arb plays. I’m back in Beckman Coulter, Inc. (Ticker: BEC) today at $74.00. With news of multiple bidders, I’m starting to think that $90 is a real possibility. I’m going to hold tight on Beckman Coulter now. And a little more risky trade, I picked up some The KEYW Holding Corporation (Ticker: KEYW) at $13.94 per share. This is a small defense contractor with a strong focus on cyber security. I’m looking for this one to get taken out eventually. This is also a decent company on a fundamental basis and has a strong management team.


I sold The KEYW Holding Corporation today at $14.26 generating a 1 day gain of 2.22%. I'll likely get back in on any pull backs...


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