Monday, November 29, 2010

Sold Rest of Del Monte Foods

I sold off the rest of my Del Monte Foods (Ticker: DLM) position today at $18.86. There is a possibility of a higher bid during the “Go Shop” period, but the probability is low. Holding here until closing would generate an additional return of only 0.74% (~2.97% annualized). This was not worth it and the stock will drop back down if a higher price doesn’t materialize during the “Go Shop” period.

I took a tiny position in Soda Stream (Ticker: SODA) today @ $40.78 just for the fun of it. It’s an interesting little company with lots of potential. They report earnings after the bell today and it will most likely be good since it’s their first earnings report as a publicly traded company. Plus, I’m actually tempted to buy their product.


I just sold my position in Soda Stream @ $42.00 for a 2.99% gain.


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