Monday, June 07, 2010

Good Riddance CitiBank

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So I had an old checking account with CitiBank that had a $0.00 balance. I recently received a letter stating that I had a negative $49 balance because of monthly fees, which compounded into overdraft fees. So I went to a local CitiBank branch to explain the situation and they stated that I had to pay… Yes, pay them $49 for the right to close my account. Umm… I don’t think so! I told them that I was going to file a complaint with the Office of Currency Compliance and they had no idea who that was… This is the US Government agency that watches over you guys! Anyways, I called up their customer service one more time to give them one last chance to fix this issue. This time, the representative credited my account the fees and closed it. After this experience, I’ll never be a CitiBank customer again and I’ll never consider purchasing any CitiBank stock.


At June 08, 2010, Anonymous Jade said...

My husband has had similar experience. We were so disappointed with such bad banking service. It was indeed good riddance.

At June 09, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell us how u really feel

At July 02, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just returned from a trip from Hong Kong and China

In HK, all the charges are in HK $, thus avoiding the 3% Dynamic exchange fee. The only one that charge Dynamic exchange fee is Bank of China subsidiary that process Visa CC transactions.

In China, things gets really bad. Each time I ask to be charged in RMB, it came out to be in US$. After protest, it still come up with a statement saying that I was offer to reject the US$ option (which I did not). The bank say all I have to do is to cross out the option line and write RMB on the charge line, I will be fine. When I came home and check my statements, it all had the 3% Dynamic Exchange rated added onto my Schwab Credit card.

It is a big scam by Bank of China.. Be careful when you use credit card in China

At July 03, 2010, Blogger Money Turtle said...

The Charles Schwab credit card is pretty good. I've used it for international transactions and they don't charge an international exchange fee. I'm sure they will remove the charge if you give them a call.


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