Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More, More Navteq...

Ok, I’m done building up my position in Navteq. I picked up some more yesterday at $74.46 and $74.36. Now, I’ll just sit back and see how this develops.

On a side note, Genzyme reported numbers today and it was pretty much inline. The revenue beat and guidance was nice. The company still reiterated $4 eps for 2008 and $7 for 2011. This looks very doable and maybe a bit conservative. Anyways, the company is trading ~ 19 times this years earnings. It’s too cheap; it should be trading at a premium to its growth rate. I’m looking for $90 – $100 this year. We’ll see…

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Singles and Doubles

The market can behave like a virus, always mutating and adapting to a new environment. As an investor / trader, you have to do they same and adapt to the changes in the market. I’m still pretty aggressive with a low cash position, but I’ve been deploying the cash on conservative merger arb plays. I’m still nibbling on Navteq with an aim of a ~ 5% total return in 1 month. It’s not a flashy return. I’m happy with singles and doubles right now.

Trade update: Yesterday, I picked up some more Navteq at $74.66

Thursday, February 07, 2008

More Navteq

I picked up some more Navteq @ $74.08 today as the closing date becomes clearer. Nokia (the acquirer) issued a press release stating that they will submit documents for anti trust clearance to the European regulators within 2 weeks. After the submission of the documents, there’s a 25 day waiting period for the commission to issue a decision. This puts the closing date of this merger sometime in mid March. Let’s see, ~ 5% return in a month, I’ll take it!

Oh, did you see the earnings reports from Invitrogen and Illumina? Nice beats… I would pick those up on any weakness.