Saturday, September 29, 2007

Qiagen Breaking Out

It looks like Qiagen (Ticker: QGEN) is starting to make its move now. It’s currently my second largest holding and waiting for a good opportunity to add to it. The stock is making multi year highs with nice volume. This company has transformed itself from selling plasmid purification kits for research labs to a molecular diagnostics company with the acquisition of Digene. I’m adding to the position with any pullbacks.

Take a look at the weekly chart…

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bull Run Continues

I was heading out to lunch the other day and saw this bull bike. You definitely don't want to be in front of this bike! Anyways, the bike kind of reminded me about this bull market. It's all systems go with the fed being our friends. I haven't made any major adjustments to my portfolio. I'm still heavy with the biotechs such as Amgen (Ticker: AMGN), Biogen (Ticker: BIIB), Celgene (Ticker: CELG), Genentech (Ticker: DNA) and Genzyme (Ticker: GENZ). Although I did trim my Biogen position to a very small position now. It's almost not worth mentioning. What's new? Well, I finished building up a new position in Monsanto (Ticker: MON). This is going to be huge over the next couple of years as the European countries become more receptive to GMO crops. I'm in this one for the long haul. There just so much positive forces in play with Monsanto.

Oh, here's the picture of the bull bike! Yeah, I do work in an area with weird people...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Still Alive...

Ok, I’m out of hibernation now. I recently made some short-term trades in my Roth IRA account. Remember when I backed up the truck in Genzyme (Ticker: GENZ)? Well, I sold off the position on 9/4 @ $63.62 and rolled the money into Garmin (Ticker: GRMN) @ $105.92. On 9/6 I sold Garmin for a quick profit @ $108 and finally added to more Genentech (Ticker: DNA) @ $78.55 on 9/7. Genentech is starting to break out of its yearlong decline. Even the positive clinical trial news on the lung cancer drug, Erbitux, from Imclone Systems couldn’t bring down Genentech. This stock should continue to trend up as we approach the FDA panel meeting on Avastin for breast cancer in December.