Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Bad (Sears) And The Good (J. Crew)

So how did my trades from yesterday work out? I guess it worked out ok, but it could have been better. Sears Holding Corp (Ticker: SHLD) reported not so impressive numbers, which sent the stock down 1.7% today. I’m going to hang on and bet on the magic touch from Eddie Lambert. This guy knows a thing or two about maximizing shareholder value. The other stock I purchased, J. Crew Group (Ticker: JCG), blew away the numbers. The stock is up and up… J. Crew is just starting to make its move so I would hold tight and enjoy the ride up.

Looking back, it looks like I sold Apple Inc (Ticker: AAPL) a bit too soon, but you can’t be greedy. This stock is getting extended and the parabolic rise scares me. Like I said yesterday, if you have a 20% + gain, take some profits.


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