Friday, September 02, 2005

No Condo Decision Yet

Today, I called the sales office to inquire about the condo docs. Once I receive the condo docs, I have 10 days to decide. They plan to mail the docs out sometime next week. Apparently, the demand for these condos have been very strong. It's only been a week and they already have reservations for about 60 units. These are phase I preconstruction units. The condo unit I reserved is a duplex unit occupying the first and second floor - it's about 860 sq Ft.. A lot of people have reservations about a first floor unit. I don't mind, it's less expensive than the upper units and it's a duplex. I do have reservations about the condo fees, it's going to be around $400 a month. A bit steep, but that's the going rate for the area. We'll see...


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