Sunday, September 11, 2005

Cash Poor

My cash position is very small at this point. I will need cash for a potential down payment for a condo and to help my parents renovate one of their apartments. This will amount to ~$60,000 within a month, so now the difficult decision... What do I sell? Do I sell now? I've looked at a margin loan, but the rate they quoted me was around 8% so that's out of the question. Fortunately, I've done fairly well with my individual stock holdings so I can cash in some stocks, but which ones? I still have a big holding in the company stock (through the ESPP plan) so this would be a good opportunity for me to diversify a bit. Exercising some stock options is another possibility. I'm still waiting for the condo docs so I don't want to raise cash for the condo portion just yet. Now I just have to wait for the pieces to quickly fall into place. I'm hoping they all fit...


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