Sunday, December 03, 2023

November 2023 Report

November exhibited strong results during this seasonally strong period for the markets. The portfolio increased +8.42% which can be attributed to Apple (42% of portfolio) gaining ~ +11% and Visa (23% of portfolio) ~ +9%. Hopefully, the momentum continues through December and end the year on a strong note. Cash holding remains ~ 5% and is currently generating a yield of ~5%, which is not bad. I would have to see some good compelling opportunities to put this cash to work.

I did not participate in any merger arb plays. Just continuing playing the short put game by picking up some pennies here and there.

I know, this must be one of the most boring monthly reports as the portfolio remains stagnant as I’ve evolved into a buy and hold investor.

That’s all I have to report…

2023 Performance = +27.37% with the running monthly returns as follows:

January +8.04%
February -1.60%
March +6.31%
April +2.39%
May +1.02%
June +7.00%
July +3.85%
August -2.10%
September -6.10%
October -1.62%
November +8.42%


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