Monday, October 03, 2022

September 2022 Performance

September was another challenging month as the indexes fell to new lows. I continue to maintain a holding pattern. Apple finally got hit after rumors of slower iPhone production. I do see strong pent up demand for these phones as I am eyeing one myself. I am surprised how well Constellation Brands is holding up in this environment. Constellation Brands looks like it wants break out and emerge as one of the market leaders. Constellation Brands reports this week, so we will see how inflation is impacting this company.

I continue to play the short put game, which has worked out fairly well. I have become less aggressive as the market volatility increases. I always worry about a black swan event whenever I put on these short put positions. A big market crash will just wipe you out.

The correction in many of these tech companies are starting to appeal to me now. Maybe time to start nibbling a bit, but we will seeā€¦


2022 Performance = -16.9% with the running monthly returns as follows:

January -0.68%

February -6.00%

March +4.89%

April -4.41%

May -2.90%

June -7.28

July +12.5%

August -3.1%

September -9.5%


At October 05, 2022, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TWTR good arb? Musk has to close now.

At October 05, 2022, Blogger Money Turtle said...

I think so. The spread is very attractive.

At October 06, 2022, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a crap show with Elon-Twitter. Sold out for a loss.

At October 06, 2022, Blogger Money Turtle said...

I got out this morning. He's just playing everyone. Unbelievable...

At October 23, 2022, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Twtr might be done deal regardless of all the drama..

At October 24, 2022, Blogger Money Turtle said...

Yeah, I've been playing TWTR with short Puts. Almost got my head handed to me after the CFIUS rumor. I'm currently on the sidelines...


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