Thursday, June 02, 2022

May 2022 Performance

The volatility continues as my portfolio swooned to a small loss for May, which I will take. I’ve been fortunate that my portfolio has not taken a big hit from the recent decline. The volatility of the market is a telling sign that there is a change in leadership from technology to the natural resources. The techs are really tempting down here, but the market is saying that the commodity sector is the place to be. I’m looking into scaling into some oil plays at some point.

I have not participated in any arb plays, but Twitter does look interesting. There’s lots of noise in Twitter, but I can’t see how Elon gets out of the deal. I can probably see a slight price reduction like the Tiffany acquisition by LVMH, so the deal just gets across the finish line.

I continued to sell naked Puts to generate some income. The option premiums have increased due to the market volatility, which is a positive for option sellers. Of course, I’ve become more cautious and not go in big.

So just trying to survive through this storm…


2022 Performance = -9.10% with the running monthly returns as follows:

January -0.68%

February -6.00%

March +4.89%

April -4.41%

May -2.90%


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