Sunday, May 30, 2021

May 2021 Performance

May was another down month for my portfolio, but I managed to put some cash to work (cash holding now ~7% from ~9%). Airbnb had a nice decline with the lockup expiration and correction in the technology stocks. I added to my Airbnb position in the 130s and looking to add aggressively if it ever hits the 120s.  

I’ve been keeping a close eye on Ginkgo Bioworks and am very impressed with this company. I initiated a 2% position in Ginkgo Bioworks after the SPAC merger announcement. I rarely invest in these unprofitable moon shot investments, but I really like the founder’s vision. This company is the real deal and the leader in the emerging synthetic bio space. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one plays out over the years.

No merger arb / special situation plays in April. Still continuing to sell way out of the money puts to generate some income.


2021 Performance = +1.46% with the running monthly returns as follows:

January -2.1%

February +0.6%

March +0.99%

April +5.77%

May -3.56%


At May 31, 2021, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is symbol of Gingo

At May 31, 2021, Blogger Money Turtle said...

The current SPAC ticker for Ginko Bioworks is:

SRNGU = SRNG plus 1:5 warrants per unit
SRNGW = Warrants

Once the SPAC merger is approved, the ticker will change to DNA (the old Genentech ticker).

Can also arb the SPAC by electing to receive $10 per share instead of converting to the Ginko Bioworks shares at closing. SRNG currently trading around $9.87.


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