Tuesday, December 01, 2015

November 2015 Performance

November was really a fine tuning month for my arb plays. I exited my equity position in BioMed Realty Trust (Ticker: BMR) and added to WuXi Pharmatech (Ticker: WX) (~ 39% position). Yes, I pretty much went all in on WuXi Pharmatech, but I really like the odds of this closing in December. I also added back to my position in Integrated Silicon Solution (Ticker: ISSI) (~17% position). Integrated Silicon Solution received all of the required regulatory approvals and is anticipating to close by December 10th.   

My remaining arb positions remain unchanged with Dyax (Ticker: DYAX) (5.1% position), Rite Aid (Ticker: RAD) (2.3% position) and Altera (Ticker: ALTR) (9.7% position). I also have some short Put positions on Altera, AirMedia Group (Ticker: AMCN), BioMed Realty Trust, Integrated Silicon Solution, WuXi Pharmatech and Yoku Tudou (Ticker: YOKU). That pretty much sums up my arb positions… I’m looking forward to closing out some of these arb plays in December and focus on some new ideas in the New Year. 

2015 Performance Year to Date = +32.63% with the running monthly returns as follows:

January +3.4%
February +7.03%
March -0.33%
April +0.39%
May +5.59%
June -1.2%
July +5.48%
August -0.89%
September -4.89%
October +12.90%
November +2.28%


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