Monday, October 19, 2015

Some Minor Portfolio Adjustment

I tweaked my China merger arb holdings a bit today. I took a little bit off the table in Integrated Silicon Solution (Ticker: ISSI) by reducing the holding to ~ 15% from ~20% of my portfolio. I sold some Integrated Silicon Solution at ~ $22.55 generating a net gain of ~3.5% (~27.90% annualized gain). I added to WuXi Pharmatech (Ticker: WX) at $44.15, which now make up ~ 20% of my portfolio. Finally, I exited my small position in Airmedia Group (Ticker: AMCN) at $5.49 generating a net gain of 1.83% (annualized gain of ~36.6%).


At October 20, 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the merger arb ideas - where do you generally source them from? Is there a service that alerts you to deals, for example?

At October 20, 2015, Blogger Money Turtle said...

I don't subscribe to any service. I just keep an eye on various news feeds for breaking news.

This site is useful to quickly scan announced deals:


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