Friday, August 28, 2015

Receptos = Done Deal

Receptos (Ticker: RCPT) is finally done with the cash hitting my account today. I generated a net gain of 1.87% (25.73% annualized yield). I did not buy back any of my short Puts in Receptos so I will let those will expire worthless at the September options expiration. I’ll continue to play conservatively unless a very compelling opportunity arises. It’s going to take a bit of time for the market to repair itself from the recent sell off.

For those who want to make some lunch money, The St. Joe Company (Ticker: JOE) is initiating a tender offer for $18.00 per share. There is an odd lot priority so the company will purchase all shares tendered for those with 99 shares or less.


At August 31, 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what do you expect for ALTR? 4th sept HSR expire

At August 31, 2015, Blogger Money Turtle said...

I'm expecting a second request.


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