Friday, May 29, 2015

May 2015 Performance

I've been fairly busy as you can see that my postings have diminished to once a month. Hopefully, I can get back into the zone and start posting more often.

So despite the market volatility, things turned out ok for the month. May was a merger mania month and I did jump on a few deals, which contributed positively to my monthly performance. I picked up some Omnicare (Ticker: OCR) (~10% position) and Pall (Ticker: PLL) (~ 13% position) as pre-deal plays, which fortunately worked out. I’m still playing Hospira (Ticker: HSP) via short Puts, in which this deal should close in ~ 3 months as the regulatory approvals start rolling in (I still can’t see why Pfizer (Ticker: PFE) received a Second Request from the FTC).

I also pick up some Altera (Ticker: ALTR) (~ 5% position) today as a deal may finally happen. I have to admit, I’ve been eyeing Altera for a while and am a bit late to the game. So we’ll see what happens next week with Altera and Intel (Ticker: INTC).

I’m still holding tight to my long term positions in Apple (Ticker: AAPL), Visa (Ticker: V), MasterCard (Ticker: MA), Qiagen (Ticker: QGEN), Constellation Brands (Ticker: STZ) and Vertex Pharmaceuticals (Ticker: VRTX). As they say, it’s the sitting that makes you the money.

2015 Performance Year to Date = +16.92% with the running monthly returns as follows:

January +3.4%
February +7.03%
March -0.33%
April +0.39%
May +5.59%


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