Friday, January 02, 2015

2014 Year Results

2014 came and went… I generated a net gain of 29.47% for the year. This was another satisfactory year in which I was able to beat the averages. I continued to employ a strategy by selecting growth companies and special situations / merger arbitrage plays. The growth companies that performed well were Apple (Ticker: AAPL), Constellation Brands (Ticker: STZ), MasterCard (Ticker: MA), Visa (Ticker: V) and Vertex Pharmaceuticals (Ticker: VRTX). These companies contributed significantly to the performance.

The special situations / merger arbitrage were a bit challenging this past year as some of the selections did not work out such as Shutterfly (Ticker: SFLY), B/E Aerospace (Ticker: BEAV), Smith & Nephew (Ticker: SNN), Loral Space and Communication (Ticker: LORL), etc… You get the point! Fortunately, the ones that did work more than covered those losses.

I’ll continue with this strategy in 2015 and hopefully it will produce similar if not better results. As they say: “Past performance does not guarantee future performance.” I truly believe that individual investors can outperform the averages with a little homework.

2014 Performance Year to Date = +29.47% with the running monthly returns as follows:

January -0.67%
February +6.50%
March -2.69%
April -1.51%
May +7.30%
June +2.59%
July -1.46%
August +4.57%
September +2.02%
October +5.12%
November +7.73%
December -0.034%

Annual performance for the past three years is as follows:

2012 = 61%
2013 = 44.61%
2014 = 29.47%


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