Thursday, July 03, 2014

Portfolio Reflection

I’ve been reflecting on the overall composition of my portfolio and realize that my top four holdings (Constellation Brands (Ticker: STZ), Vertex Pharmaceuticals (Ticker: VRTX), VISA (Ticker: V) and Apple (Ticker: AAPL)) currently make up ~ 59% of my portfolio value. Obviously, I have strong conviction with these positions and plan to hang on to them for a while. As you know, I also utilize special situation plays to add a bit of alpha to my portfolio. The special situation plays have positively impacted the performance of my portfolio. I plan to continue to utilize a growth investment theme in conjunction with special situations plays. I am very comfortable with my current portfolio and do not plan to make any major changes for the time being.

Here’s a summary overview of my current positions. I’m not going to talk about each of them, but I think you get the idea of my investment style. I still enjoy this game very much in trying to beat the market. If I didn’t believe that I can beat the market, I would simply invest in a low fee index fund. I stay far away from actively managed mutual funds since the fees they charge in comparison to their performance are not worth it.


At July 15, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you think about LO and RAI. They took a big hit. I am thinking if adding some.. With the dividend looks like a nice premium.

At July 16, 2014, Blogger Money Turtle said...

I see little risk in either LO or RAI. People sold on the news as they were expected a higher price and are worried about the regulatory process. I like LO for an investment as well as an arb play. It'll probably take ~ 9 + months to close this deal, which is an eternity for an arb. Like you said, you'll get a nice dividend payout along the way. If the deal breaks, LO should still do very well as a stand alone company.


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