Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Performance

It’s been another somewhat rocky month. I closed out a small position in CBS Outdoors (Ticker: CBSO) and RDA Microelectronics (Ticker: RDA). I closed out CBS Outdoors because it was a small position, which I received from an IPO allocation. The 30 day IPO holding period was up so I decided to sell since I was not going to add to the position. 

RDA Microelectronics has acted weak since I purchased it and today the bottom fell out a bit. I exited the position generating a net loss of 5.72%. Fortunately, it was a relatively small position so no big damage. In my early days, I probably would have gone in big with RDA Microelectronics, but I’ve learned my lesson in minimizing my overall risk.

I still have special situation positions in Jos A. Banks (Ticker: JOSB), Safeway (Ticker: SWY) and Loral (Ticker: LORL). So we’ll see what happens…

Performance Year to Date = +1.63% with the running monthly returns as follows:

January -0.67%
February +6.50%
March -2.69%
April -1.51%


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