Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 Performance Review

It’s time to reflect on some of my trades from 2013. I like to focus on my losers as those are the ones that can really hurt ones performance. I lost a little bit in Jones Group, Moneygram International and Optimer Pharmaceuticals. I should have been a little more patient with the Jones Group and let the buy out process work itself out. I cut my losses in Moneygram International and Optimer Pharmaceuticals, which turned out to be the right thing to do. And the Genzyme Contingent Value Rights, which I held until the FDA decision, was the one that I should of sold earlier in hindsight. 

Looking back, I ask myself the question: Would I have done anything differently? The answer is: No. I felt I did a decent job in managing my overall risk and was able to generate a satisfactory return.

For 2013 I generated a total return of 44.61%. The running monthly returns are as follows:

January -0.3%
February +4.67%
March +5.03%
April +5.13%
May +5.13%
June -0.37%
July +2.3%
August +3.3%
September +6.39%
October +6.92%
November +2.25%
December +4.16%

I am pleased with my performance for 2013 considering that I had a good amount of Apple, which held back my performance a bit. I maintained a balanced approach in which the portfolio was comprised of large cap growth stocks and special situation plays. The special situation plays such as merger buyouts helped to lower my volatility and generate some positive alpha.

These past few years have been very good and it’s probably time to take my feet of the petal just a bit. But we’ll see what opportunities develop…

I guess that’s a wrap for 2013. Have a Very Healthy, Prosperous and Happy New Year!


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