Friday, November 22, 2013

Sold Some Constellation Brands

I lightened up my position in Constellation Brands (Ticker: STZ) just a bit today. I sold some shares in Constellation Brands at $69.31 generating a net gain of 60.59%. I purchased these shares on February 21st. I still hold a large position in Constellation Brands as it still makes up ~ 25% of my portfolio. I have no intention of selling my remaining shares anytime soon. I still see lots of catalyst to push this one higher. The reason I sold some Constellation Brands was to free up some cash for Biogen-Idec (Ticker: BIIB). This stock broke out nicely today and I re-entered my position at $280.80.

What else… I sold some more ViroPharma (Ticker: VPHM) Jan 2016 $45 Puts today for $0.35. I don’t see any issues with this deal closing in Q4. So, that’s it for now…


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