Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sold Optimer Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

I sold my position in Optimer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Ticker: OPTR) today at $13.08 generating a net loss of 11.76%. Once a position falls ~ 10%, I will start to cut my losses. It was a relatively small position at ~ 3%. A deal may materialize, but it is taking awhile. I’ll still keep a close eye on Optimer Pharmaceuticals.


At July 01, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I don't blame you for selling based on the stock price action. I am still hanging in there. I actually sought an option partner by selling deep in the money calls in JAN when the price starting going down regularly.

It almost appeared there was a concerted effort to sell off the stock gradually to take out any stops below down to a certain level. Was it just a few large players? Was it due to month end? quarter end? Was it the Russell 1000, 2000 index re-balancing? Who knows. For some strange reason on Wed mid day OPTR started to turn up. I don't think it was because they had news there was some coming. I think that some shorts hit their price target and just might be moving on. We will see.



At July 03, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...


FYI, OPTR popped on news leaks today stating the following:

source: theflyonthewall "Optimer narrows list of potential buyers, Bloomberg reports"

There is no other news to be found at this time, but a few message board sources indicate the news originated from a bloomberg terminal (subscription based at $25,000/yr). Usually after time has passed the bloomberg terminal news makes it way to the public. I suspect theflyonthewall subscribes to the bloomberg terminal, otherwise how else would they know.

The other information I have learned was "OPTR said to narrow suits to Cubist, Astellas, and Salix" and "Bloomberg reporting final bids in $22 range; two bidders left."

Due to the July 4th holiday and everyone looking to go play I don't know when any news will be made public. If you have any sources please share.

Salix as a bidder is new and looking at their profile looks like they might be a good fit. They have the cash and reserve stock to make a purchase. The $22.00 range is higher than expected.




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