Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Update: ICU Medical, Warner Chilcott and Zhongpin

I sold my position in ICU Medical (Ticker: ICUI) today at $67.63 generating a net gain of 0.54% over a 5 day period. This one is still in the very early stages and will take a while to materialize. I’ll continue to keep a close eye on it.

I’ve been making a few $ trading in and out of Warner Chilcott (Ticker: WCRX). I’m holding onto the shares I purchased yesterday at an average cost of $19.13 and plan on holding through the buy out process. I believe there will be a deal between Warner Chilcott and Actavis (Ticker: ACT). This will be a great combination and the market clearly agrees. I’m looking for something in the mid 20’s for Warner Chilcott.

Also, I’m back in Zhongpin (Ticker: HOGS) today at $12.94 (buyout price is $13.50). It looks like this deal will be completed in Q3 instead of Q2 based in the recent filing. I’m factoring in an end of July closing.


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