Friday, May 04, 2012

Tilly's IPO

Thank You and move on… I was allocated a few shares in the Tilly’s (Ticker: TLYS) IPO, which was priced last night at $15.50 per share. I sold the shares this morning at $18.90 for a quick 21.9% gain. It’s a teen retailer with a focus towards the skate boarding crowd. The IPO game is really a hit or miss. I was expecting the Zynga (Ticker: ZNGA) IPO to be hot, but it opened flat and subsequently fell. The most successful IPO that I’ve been involved in is VISA (Ticker: V) and I’ve been adding to it on occasional dips throughout the years. VISA is a long term growth story where as Tilly’s is a short term niche play. The next hot IPO is obviously Facebook and I’ll probably try my luck on that one, but I doubt I’ll be allocated any shares.


At May 07, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use Fidelity and I never get allocated any IPO so far, what brokerage do you use?

At May 08, 2012, Blogger Money Turtle said...

I primarily use TD Ameritrade and they have offerings from Goldman deals. I've also dealt with Merrill Lynch and have gotten nice allocations from them. You need to do a good amount of business with the firms to get your hands on some good IPOs.


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