Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sold Venoco and Back in Motorola Mobility

I sold my holding in Venoco, Inc (Ticker: VQ) today at $11.01 and just broke even on this trade. Even though this was just a small position, there was just too much risk. I just don’t have a fuzzy feeling when there is no committed financing in place. As they say: "show me the money…"

I’m back in Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc (Ticker: MMI) at $39.68. We should hear by March 20th regarding China’s decision (MOFCOM) on this merger. I’m factoring in a closing date of March 23rd for this deal, which will equate to an annualized return of ~32% (0.80% net gain).


At March 19, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi money turtle, do have an email contact address?


At March 19, 2012, Blogger Money Turtle said...

You can email me at moneyturtle at


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