Thursday, March 01, 2012

American Realty Capital Trust Inc

It’s been really boring without any good M&A plays out there. This morning as I was reading the Wall Street Journal, I noticed a tombstone ad detailing the tender offer for American Realty Capital Trust Inc (Ticker: ARCT). The company is conducting a tender offer to purchase shares from a minimum price of $10.50 to a maximum price of $11.00. It looks like odd lot shares will take priority. I picked up 99 shares at $10.02 this morning and looking to make a few extra $ for lunch money.

Right now, I just have tiny positions in Illumina (Ticker: ILMN) and Jaguar Mining (Ticker: JAG). I’m not looking to go big in any way with these positions. Illumina is being stalked by Roche and Jaguar Mining is going through a strategic alternative review. Just make a few $ if it works out…


At March 03, 2012, Anonymous T. Bhat said...

I am in ARCT tender as well.


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