Saturday, September 10, 2011

China Security & Surveillance Technology Merger Arb Play

There are lots of opportunities in the risk arb space right now due to a variety of factors ranging from the increase cost of debt financing to distrust in China companies. I’m currently focusing on some China management buyout plays with positions in China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc. (Ticker: CSR) and China Fire & Security Group, Inc. (Ticker: CFSG). I got into China Fire & Security Group in June at ~ $7.80 and it looks like it is on target to close by the end of this month with a buyout price of $9.00. I just started building a position in China Security & Surveillance Technology with prices ranging from $6.14 to $6.20. The shareholder vote for China Security & Surveillance Technology is scheduled to take place on September 14th and the deal should close shortly after with a buyout price of $6.50. I'm looking at initiating some new positions with other China management buyouts, but I want to wait until these two deals close.


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