Thursday, April 14, 2011

Same Old, Same Old...

Well, like I mentioned earlier I didn’t get any shares of Zipcar (Ticker: ZIP) and I certainly would not buy any shares at the current price. It has a billion dollar valuation. I would have flipped it if I got any shares. It takes some luck to get IPO shares. It certainly helps if it’s a big offering and of course you have to be a “good” customer (i.e. generate lots of commissions and / or margin interest). I haven’t played the IPO game for a long long time. The last IPO I played was Visa (Ticker: V), which I managed to get some shares.

Ok, back to business… I added to Big Lots (Ticker: BIG) today at prices ranging from $43.15 to $43.22. The stock seems to open up a bit, sell off and buyers step in towards the end of the day. I like this action…


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