Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sold Sara Lee and a Few Other Trades

What just happened to Sara Lee (Ticker: SLE)??? I’m out of Sara Lee at $18.59 generating a tiny gain. I got a little greedy by holding the stock to the next day instead of selling yesterday. It’s just part of the game… When a stock falls like this all of a sudden, someone knows something and usually it’s not good. I also sold SRA International, Inc. (Ticker: SRX) today at $27.04 generating a one day gain of 1.27% gain. This one may take awhile since they just hired their advisors to evaluate a possible sale and I don’t like the fact that the chairman of this company has the majority voting rights to nix a deal. I added to my position in Emergency Medical Services Corp. (Ticker: EMS) today at $66.05. We should be hearing soon regarding the results from the second round of bidding.

Oh, one more trade I almost forgot… I’m back in Perrigo Company (Ticker: PRGO) at $73.83.


And out of Perrigo Company at $74.00.


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