Friday, April 23, 2010

Switch & Data Facilties = Done Deal

Today, the U.S. Department of Justice approved the Switch and Data Facilities (Ticker: SDXC) merger with Equinix (Ticker: EQIX). I was getting a bit nervous on this risk arb play, but held my ground. You have to start worrying whenever the Department of Justice initiates a second request for additional information regarding a merger. When that happens, you never know how long the investigation will take. I pretty much backed up the truck in this deal and another nice pay off. This deal closes on April 30th.

Here are my trades:

4/12 1X @ $18.41
4/13 1X @ $18.40
4/13 1X @ $18.41
4/13 2X @ $18.35
4/13 1X @ $18.36
4/15 1X @ $18.26
4/16 .5X @ $18.01


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