Friday, March 05, 2010

Skill Soft PLC (Go-Shop Period Ending Soon)

The “Go Shop” period for Skill Soft PLC (Ticker: SKIL) ends on March 6, 2010 so we should know early next week if there are other offers on the table. From the SEC filing, there were 6 parties digging through the companies numbers and could possibly make a bid. Here’s the statement from the preliminary proxy: “As of 19 February 2010, Credit Suisse, on behalf of and at the request of Skill Soft, contacted 39 parties, of which 6 have entered into Confidentiality Agreements with Skill Soft and have been granted access to the electronic data room.” I just can’t see how anyone is willing to sell this company at such a low price ($10.80 per share). We’ll see soon if another bidder emerges…


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