Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More 3Com

3Com Corporation (Ticker: COMS) sold off 1.30% today. I’m assuming some are fearing that China will hold off the approval of the acquisition of 3Com by Hewlett Packard (Ticker: HPQ) because of the Google vs. China battle. I think this sell off in 3Com is an over reaction. I don’t see how the 3Com + Hewlett Packard is anti competitive in the Chinese market. I’m anticipating approval from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce by the end of April. Anyways, I loaded up on more 3Com at $7.60.


At March 18, 2010, Anonymous peekaboo said...

Interesting blog. It looks like you have a lot of posts where you give details about specific purchases etc., but it's hard to see the big picture. Can you summarize what your historical performance has been like? what kind of ups & downs can one expect with this strategy?

At March 18, 2010, Blogger Money Turtle said...

Yes, I'm definitely planning to put something together detailing the over all performance. Thanks for checking out the blog...


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