Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SI International = Done Deal

This morning, Serco received approval from CFIUS to acquire SI International (Ticker: SINT). Like I said, the third time’s a charm in their attempt to gain CFIUS approval. This is pretty much a done deal. I’m expecting this deal to close next week with a net gain of ~ 4.12%. This is a nice way to end out the year. Also, I just initiated a new arb play in NDS Group Plc (Ticker: NNDS).


At December 30, 2008, Blogger said...

Hi Moneyturtle!!!
I was stop lossed out on a what I thought was a good short sell trade AEM.
AEM is trading at 50 times earnings, at $49. I see on the chart, the last significant high was 51.7, well Today, AEM retested 51.7.
I'm expecting at least a 20% pullback from these levels over the next few weeks.

At December 30, 2008, Blogger said...

This has nothing to do with trading, But XOM is getting sued by the Eskimo's. The Eskimo's claim that their island is disappearing from global Warming.
I think the legal argument has some weight to it, so this might be the beginning of an onslaught of such lawsuits against large carbon emitters.
XOM downgraded to $34 today, coincidentally.
Not because of the lawsuit, but the slowing down of their stock buyback program.


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