Friday, November 07, 2008

More BUD

I closed out my arb play on SI International (Ticker: SINT) today at $30.48 generating a gain of 6.23% over a 7 day period. This is a very solid deal with a buyout price of $32, but I saw more rewards in Anheuser Busch (Ticker: BUD). I picked up more Anheuser Busch at $65.25 with a potential gain of 7.27% when it closes by the end of the year. Some arbs even believe this deal can close next week if they receive the regulatory approvals shortly.

The arb plays are getting more and more dangerous. I just dodged a bullet with I2 Technologies (Ticker: ITWO). I was fortunate to get out of this one before JDA (Ticker: JDAS) decided to renegotiate the buyout price. I learned my lesson with Foundry Networks and wasn’t going to take that kind of risk again.


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