Friday, September 05, 2008

Credit Card Arb Game / Credit Card Deals

I’ve been doing quite a bit of arb trading recently with proposed buyouts, but I’ve been also doing some credit card arb plays as well. For example, you can purchase the new $1 Presidential coins through their direct ship program from the US Mint. This program is to help circulate the $1 Presidential coins. The nice thing is that the shipping is free. You can order $500 worth of coins and place it on your credit card and earn some money with the float. The best play is if your credit card offers a nice rebate then you can earn some extra change. For example, my credit card is offering a special program where they are offering 3% cash back for a limited time period. There are various sites to look for the best credit card deals. Here’s one you can check out: and if you want to look for low rate balance transfer offers. These are good places to compare various credit card offers since they’re all consolidated at one spot. It’s not easy with all those credit offers out there, but these sites should be helpful in finding the good deals.


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