Sunday, June 01, 2008

Credit Card Plays

I’ve been playing the 0% balance transfer game for a while. I would simply invest the balance transfer cash into a money market and pay off the balance before the balance transfer expired. But lately, it’s been getting harder to find good 0% transfer offers. They often include a 1-3% one-time balance transfer fee, which makes the deal less attractive unless there’s a dollar cap. One site that I like to check out is Visa Credit Cards. It’s a quick one-stop shop where you can find credit cards with: no annual fees, low rates, rewards, etc… And it’s very easy to apply for the credit cards on that site. Even if you’re not playing the credit card balance transfer game, it’s worth to check out all the new types of credit cards. It really boggles my mind to see so many types of credit card offers from the various companies. So if you need to pick a credit card with the best rates, I would check out the Best Credit Card Rates.


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