Sunday, January 14, 2007

Survey Says...

Here’s an interesting survey from the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. This is a synopsis from the January 15th issue of BioCentury. They surveyed the audience of ~1,000 people (mostly working for hedge funds) and asked them what they thought will be the best performing big cap biotech stock in 2007. The results were:

(1) Genentech – Well not exactly a big surprise.
(2) Gilead – Hmm… A little high in the ranking; I thought.
(3) Amgen and Celgene – Tied for #3.

Here are my pick for the top performing big cap biotechs for 2007:

(1) Genentech – A no brainer.
(2) Celgene – A bit pricey, but they just have too much momentum right now.
(3) Amgen – Really depends if they can hold off Roche.
(4) Genzyme – No one really talks about this one, but I think it can really surprise people.
(4) Gilead – Tied for #4 with Genzyme. They have a solid HIV franchise and a little bonus with their flu drug.

Note: I have positions in Genentech, Celgene, Amgen and Genzyme.


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