Saturday, December 02, 2006

Caught The Gold Bug

I think I caught a small sniffle from the gold bug. I've decided to dabble a tiny bit in gold. recently highlighted a pretty good deal from EverBank. "It's an FDIC-insured, five-year CD with an interest return that's tied to the price of gold. You're guaranteed not to lose money: If the price of gold drops over that five-year period, you'll get your initial investment back but simply will earn no interest." (Click: Here). The deadline for this offer is December 12th.


At December 02, 2006, Blogger harm said...

You might do OK....but usually
there are so many fees and potential
complications from exotic CD products
that you are better off just buying
some krugerrands (or better, some
American, Canadian, or Australian
gold coins) from your local coin
shop. Good luck :)

At December 03, 2006, Blogger The Sarcasticynic said...

Don't consider investing in gold without checking out Kitco. I don't work for Kitco, I am just a customer of them, and they have worked for me. Look into setting up a pool account where the metals don't change hands and you can buy and sell at your convenience.


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