Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Take It Back!

Forget what I said in the last post about MasterCard International (Ticker: MA). Today, I sold MasterCard International @ $68.29 generating a net return of 19.61%. This was transacted in my Roth IRA account. I used the proceeds from this sale and backed up the truck in Genentech (Ticker: DNA) @ $83.88.

So you must be asking why did I make such an about face decision? It's simple; Visa is about to go public. That's going to be a huge IPO. If I had a choice between MasterCard International or Visa, I would go with VISA. Yeah, I'll be keeping a close eye on the Visa IPO.


At October 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will also be watching the Visa IPO with Interest.

The other float to watch which has received minimal publicity in the US, but a lot here in the Asia Pacific region is the float of the ICBC. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

They were looking to raise US$19 Bill, they now have orders for over US$500 Billion. They are the largest lender in China and are floating on the Hong Kong exchange.

At October 23, 2006, Blogger Money Turtle said...

China ipo's are hot right now, but I would not touch them. I would go with multi nationals that do a bit of biz with China.


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