Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tim Hortons IPO

Ok, I'm going to try my luck in the IPO game once again. This time I'm trying to get my hands on some Tim Hortons, which is being spun off from Wendy'’s. Tim Hortons is a very popular Canadian doughnut chain. I haven't been to one myself since it's mostly located in Canada. Dunkin' Donuts rule the New England area so it'll be interesting if Tim Hortons ever makes its way into New England. Anyways, this is going to be a hot IPO, which is set to price on March 23rd with an initial price range of $18-20 per share. I didn't have any luck in obtaining any hot IPOs last year. What's up with that!? Well, I think the odds are a little better this time. TD Securities is one of the syndicates in this IPO offering so hopefully TD Waterhouse will have a good share allocation. I use TD Waterhouse quite a bit so I'm hoping they're a bit more generous this time around.


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