Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Azko Nobel, huh?

Azko Nobel is a Netherlands based pharma / chemical company. The company plans to increase shareholder value by spinning off the pharma and the chemical coating business in the second half of this year. The stock went up on this news, but I think there's probably more upside. Here's the details of the ipo spin off: click here. The spin off of the pharma unit, Organon Biosciences, is the most attractive part of the company. The other unit is a chemical coating business, which is actually ok. The company's not going to do anything for a while so just keep an eye on it. I might consider picking up some shares in the pharma spin off. You can purchase the stock now and just wait to receive shares in the spin offs. Akzo Nobel is traded as an ADR (Ticker: AKZOY).

Note: Nope, I currently don't own any stock in this company.


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