Saturday, January 07, 2006

Biotech Week

Next week is going to be a big week for the biotech’s. On Monday, there's the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. This is one of the more important conferences with plenty of market moving news. Genzyme (GENZ) is expected to report Q4 revenue numbers at the conference. The consensus estimate for Q4 is $630 million in revenues and earnings per share of $0.61. Analyst will be focusing on Renagel, Cerezyme and Fabrazyme sales. There are some concerns with Renagel sales falling below consensus and foreign exchange exposure risk. Analyst expressed the same concerns with the Q3 numbers and Genzyme just blew them away. I guess we'll see on Monday. The other big biotech reporting next week is Genentech (DNA). Everyone is expecting a blow out number from Genentech once again. The consensus estimate for Q4 is $1.85 billion in revenues and earnings per share of $0.34. Both of these companies will set the tone for the biotech’s...

Note: I have positions in both Genzyme and Genentech.


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