Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Biogen - Over and Out...

I just saw Biogen's press release regarding a third MS patient using Tysabri was diagnosed with PML. Apparently this patient was using Tysabri alone and not in combination with Avonex. This is not good and Tysabri's chances of coming back to market is pretty much nil. This is a good example of the cockroach theory: If you see one bit of bad news; there's a chance more bad news will follow. Also a good example of never average down! I held onto the Biogen position because I believed that Tysabri alone would not cause PML. I was wrong, so now it's definitely time to cut my losses and move on.

It's been so... hectic at work. You can tell when I find things stressful, I just go to McDonald's for lunch. Yeah, it's a weird way of relieving some work stress. McDonald's is so convenient, they even accept credit cards now!


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