Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Don't Follow My Lead

In my first post, I listed my current holdings in my portfolio. Definitely do your research and don't buy the stocks just because it's in my portfolio. Believe me, I've been wrong many times. Let me think of my worst loss... umm.. it was at the top of the internet bubble in early 2000. I picked up a few shares of JDS Uniphase around $150 and it promptly went up to $200. And guess what? It went down, down and down in the grinding bear market. I finally bailed out at $10... ouch! Again fortunately, I did not have much money to invest during that time because I had tuition bills coming due. That loss taught me so much!

Today was a good day for the market. Market opened weak and came back strong - that's exactly what you want to see in a healthy market. Intel reported good numbers in the morning and this evening Apple just blew away the numbers. The IPods are just selling like crazy. I saw some pictures of their new $99 IPod and the Mac mini. I'm not too crazy about them. Although I can't wait for the Sony PSP (I want one now!!).

I think there's momentum in the market for a mini rally. We'll see...


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